True Independence


True Independence

Each year we celebrate & wish our Independence day
with increasing numerical figure..

50 years, 60 years ..70 years of Independence.
Even bigger celebrations.
Have we truly freed ourself?
Are we, as individual doing justice to the lives sacrificed?
Or its just celebrations and pumped energy for one day?

INDIA on the global map today is know ,
recognised and a developing country .
No doubt our culture is something the world’s adopting.
But at the same time are we preserving  & living it ourself?

Freedom starts by giving it, living it and learning from it.
Freedom is in the smallest act you do in your office ,
on the street or else where.
Being helpful in the smallest way, is Independence.
Making a difference, is Independence .
Progressing justly, is Independence.
Thinking positive, is Independence.

We all love the energy , the vibe of this day.
Salute the braveness of all our Indians.
Let us just not celebrate and forget within today itself.
Let us carry that braveness in us and celebrate it each day.

We got our freedom to do what we want.
Choose wisely daily.
Be brave , Be kind , Be gentle, Be polite.
Be Just . Be human. Spread a Smile.
Cause one act can have a major impact..
Then simply imagine as a Nation, what force we would have!!

Let the National Anthem bring the goose bumps on you every single day.
Help an individual each day and that will lead our nation to new heights.

Happy Independence Day.

(Only Word Credit:- Yashaswini Pawar